Noise Reduction

INERCO designs and manufactures silencers to reduce noise generated during atmospheric expansion of gases during valve discharges, blowdowns and ejections.
Noises generated in some safety and control valves may be higher than 150 dB(A), which can result in important issues for plant operations and maintenance. Noise exposure decreases and limits system performance and productivity.


Silencers are used to reduce noise produced in safety valves (PSV), relief valves, starter valves, blowdowns, ejectors, boilers, and tank discharges.

INERCO has over 30 years of experience in the research, development and innovation of noise reduction technologies. In order to predict the acoustic behavior of our equipment (sound attenuation) we have developed acoustic models to study all the parameters involved in the design of vent silencers, such us mechanical and structural design and fluid dynamic parameters (temperature, pressure, fluid velocity).