Environmental Monitoring

INERCO provides solutions for emission monitoring in industrial processes.
The projects are comprehensively performed from the design and conceptual engineering, defining the best solution technically and economically, to the implementation of the systems and training of plant personnel and contractors.
The existing systems can be modified, also, to be adapted to comply with new requirements, or to improve their operation and robustness.

INERCO also offers support to the supply of essential spares parts and consumables required for the proper operation of all the systems installed, and provides maintenance service (preventive and corrective).


INERCO provides continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) to comply with the most stringent environmental standards.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the European CE and US – EPA rules allows us to adapt and implement our systems to the specific requirements for each country and application.

INERCO DAHS (Data Acquisition & Handling System) supervises and controls the operation of the CEMS, assuring the acquisition and availability of the environmental data. This software can be used for regular maintenance, remote monitoring and reporting to the legal authorities.


Gerardo Chiapetta INERCO

Gerardo Chiapetta